7 Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Maybe your home just suffered a flooding incident or you’ve moved into a new house with some creaky wood floors. Knowing the signs of hardwood floor water damage in a San Antonio home can help you find water damage and maintain this stunning feature of your home for years to come.


United Water Restoration Group of San Antonio has put together a list of seven of the most common signs of hardwood floor water damage in a San Antonio home.


Staining or Discoloration

Hardwood floors that have sustained water damage for long periods of time may form almost-black splotches, dark discoloration, and faded areas. And while real hardwood has a grain pattern, you should inspect your floors for spots regularly to find new spots as soon as possible.


Soft Floorboards

If you notice your floorboards are a little bouncy or feel like they could break, you may have found signs of rot in your hardwood. In this case, the flooring will need to be replaced, and the sub-flooring may need to be replaced, too.



Swelling is caused by wood planks absorbing water. They’ll push against other planks and cause them to lift up. This can lead to more water seeping under the floor through these new cracks and trapping moisture that could cause even more damage.


Cupping or Buckling

However, some planks won’t swell; instead, they warp and bend up or down. This causes an uneven surface with cracks for more water to get trapped beneath the floor.


Lifted Nails or Floorboards

Your first sign of hardwood floor water damage may be lifted planks that cause an uneven surface or lifted up nails from planks buckling.


Mold Growth

If you notice black, gray, green, or other discolored spots on or between your hardwood floor planks, you may have mold growth from prolonged water damage that should be addressed immediately.


Fixing Hardwood Floor Water Damage in San Antonio

If you spot any of these signs, call a trusted water damage remediation company like United Water Restoration Group of San Antonio. We can inspect the damage and create a tailored restoration plan for your home. Call us 24/7 at (830) 243-6060 for a free, in-home visual assessment.

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