Services in Alamo Heights, Texas

United Water Restoration Group of San Antonio has a reputation for our expertly trained staff, and has the equipment needed to tackle any job head-on. From water damage restoration projects, addressing fire damage, and even mold remediation we’re up to any task you may need for your property. Below you’ll find a list of the services United Water Restoration Group of San Antonio offers in the area of Alamo Heights, Texas, and some brief but necessary details about what they entail.


Water Damage Restoration in Alamo Heights, Texas

As a property owner, there are many hardships that can turn your world upside down, and one of the worst among them is water damage. Striking without warning when you least expect, you can find yourself dealing with water damage from leaking pipes, malfunctioning appliances, or even storm damages. When dealing with water damage, you’ll need a professional water damage restoration company in your corner and our expert technicians in Alamo Heights, Texas can come to your aid in your time of need. Water damage to your property can have long-lasting effects, but with the help of a professional water restoration company your property can be saved and your life can go back to normal sooner rather than later.



Fire Damage Restoration in Alamo Heights, Texas

Fires can be a costly experience on your property, but what you may not realize is it doesn’t have to be a massive blaze to call for fire damage restoration. You can take every precaution to prevent a fire, but you’ll never be entirely free of the risk. Whether it’s a cooking accident, faulty wiring, or something else entirely out of your hands like a lightning strike you could be dealing with the results of fire damage at some point. Whether fire damage has rendered your property too dangerous to stay in or smoke damage from the fire has caused you to take a temporary exit, you’re going to need a fire damage restoration service in your corner. Our service technicians in Alamo Heights, Texas are trained and equipped to restore your property to pre-fire conditions. After moving through your property and addressing all of the damages left behind, you’ll be left with a safe and restored location ready to be inhabited once more.


Mold Remediation in Alamo Heights, Texas

A mold infestation is one of the worst things you can deal with as a property owner. Microscopic in size, mold spores are already around you even now. On average there is a mold spore count of 200-500 per room, and while that sounds intimidating they don’t become an active threat until meeting the proper conditions. Usually the result of uncontrolled moisture, mold infestations will begin to spread until they become full-blown colonies on your property combined with a horrible odor to go along with them. When dealing with a mold infestation, you absolutely need professional help. Our mold remediation process in Alamo Heights, Texas can tackle the mold infestation right down to the source leaving the growths and odor a thing of the past by the time they’ve finished. The mold remediation process is thorough and efficient, including careful observation of the entire property to ensure that once the mold infestation is addressed, there’s no chance of a recurrence.

Disinfecting & Cleaning Services in Alamo Heights, Texas

Pathogens, allergens, and other irritants that have accumulated indoors can leave you feeling under the weather over time, but our team in Alamo Heights, Texas is ready, willing, and able to sanitize and disinfect your property from ceiling to floor and everything in between to make sure you and yours are able to breathe easily. We operate within OHSA and CDC guidelines to make sure that what you’re paying for is exactly what you get.