6 Signs of Water Damage

Get help if you notice signs of water damage in your property in San Antonio by contacting the United Water Restoration Group right away. Call us at (830) 243-6060 to get fast help to repair your home or business. We’ll also help you review the six common signs of water damage in San Antonio, Texas.

#1: Stains or Spots

Water damage can lead to discoloration on your drywall. Keep an eye out for dark areas on your ceiling or walls. Stains on the ceiling are often rough, while stains on the wall may look like long streaks.

#2: Puddles of Water

Excess water from a floor or pipe burst can result in small puddles or pooled water. Check for this sign of water damage in San Antonio, Texas, especially in basements. Water may also gather under sinks or under damaged pipes.


#3: Cracked or Peeling Paint

Sometimes, water damage will cause paint to peel off of your walls or ceiling. In other situations, it may just the paint flake off or bubble while remaining in place. Contact a water damage repair company right away if you notice this sign, as it could indicate a roof leak or a leaking pipe.


#4: Strange Smells

Water damage encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Often, these organisms release foul and “musty” odors. Unusual smells are often a sign of water damage here in San Antonio, Texas.


#5: Unusual Noises 

Some property owners notice strange sounds when they are dealing with water damage caused by a leaking pipe. You may hear water dripping or even the sound of running water if you are dealing with a larger leak.


#6: High Water Bills

If you have a pipe leak – or a pipe burst – then it can affect your water bill here in San Antonio, Texas. If your bills suddenly jump, contact us to find out if you’re dealing with water damage.


Let Us Help with Signs of Water Damage in San Antonio

Don’t wait to get help if you see signs of water damage in San Antonio, Texas. Contact United Water Restoration Group now for help. Just call (830) 243-6060 so we can start repairs on your property right now.

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